Welcome to S.A.S Imports


Our main production unit, Swissven C.A., has over 27 year of experience producing natural chewing pet treats, and it has been the strongest supplier of SAS IMPORTS since 1998.


Honesty, quality and reliability are the bases of our company and it is our mission to stay in the family business, working with dedication and passion to produce and distribute true natural products.


All our chewing toys have very high levels of protein and are made with neither artificial colors nor preservatives. These products are produced with the intention to fulfill the necessities and desires of all our WOOF clients. Thanks to our large selection we have chewing toys for any size and breed.

SAS Imports, Inc., is a family owned company founded in 2001 by Jack R. Baker, who worked hard to bring to The United States high quality dog treats. In 2017, a new administration, the Fritsche family, took over the business keeping the same vision of Mr. Baker and adding new technologies in order to deliver to our customer not only natural high quality chewing dog toys, but also a great customer service experience.

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Our products

High quality products with added benefits to make your dog a happy pet.

Vicky Gimenez Electrical engineer

Definitely see a difference in your products and my dogs do too, cant wait to try the new ones you just released...

Ricardo Zapata Web Designer

Totally love your brand!!! My dog is always all over his bully stick, keep up the good quality guys!

Sally Henkings Pet Owner

Impressed with how long your products last, my dog used to run through almost 3 bully sticks a week, with your product hes been chewing on one for almosts 3 weeks

Why choose us

Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs.
  • Benefits

    Primarily made up of cartilage and contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which has been shown to benefit dog’s joints.
  • Healthy

    Help exercise and maintain a strong healthy canine jaw, while keeping healthy teeth and gums
  • Reduces anxiety

    Reduce the anxiety of the ones living inside the house and allow to have more tools to play outside with your best friend.
  • High Tech

    We apply modern technologies in order to deliver not only natural high quality treats, but also a streamlined customer service experience.