Bully Full Cane

100% natural beef pizzles

100% natural beef pizzles, known as one of the favorite dog’s chew toys. they are odorless and nutritive, rich in protein and delicious, all with no additives, preservatives or chemicals. We provide different lengths and girth, from 2’’ to 37’’ that are made in our partner’s South American plants to ensure the healthiest possible dog chews.

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  • Full Cane:
    30”-37” Inches.
    Weight: 150+grams.
    50 pcs per box.


We also have in stock

  • Bites:
    2”-3’’ Inches.
    16 oz per bag.
    15 bags per case.


  • 4” Inches:
    15+/- grams each.
    700 units per box.


  • 6” Inches:
    -Regular: 20+ grams (400 pcs per box).
    -Thick: 30+ grams (300 pcs per box).


  • 12” inches:
    -Regular: 40+ grams (200 pcs per box).
    -Thick: 50+ grams (160 pcs per box).
    -Jumbo: 80+ grams (130 pcs per box).


  • Braided Bully Sticks:
    10” Inches.
    Approx. 160 grams.
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